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Paste names Hills Pils the 5th best Pilsner

City: Hartford, CT
ABV: 5.9%
The verdict: Another brewery we’re relatively unfamiliar with, and another exemplary, balanced pilsner—this is shaping up to be an interesting top 10. Hills Pils is light of body and texture despite actually being one of the stronger pilsners in the tasting at 5.9% ABV. Its malt profile is delicate, crisp and grainy/crackery, supported by light floral hops, a little bit of lemon citrus and enough sweetness to not be completely dry—and even a little bit of bitterness as well! It is, suffice to say, a pretty classical pilsner, and one that doesn’t really throw in too strongly on any one flavor note. From one score sheet: “Light, crisp, refreshing and everything a pils should be.”

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