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I’m gonna tell it like a comeback story

Hanging Hills opened on July 9th, 2016 to a line out the door in a light industrial building in Hartford's South End. A rather auspicious beginning that promised good things to come. Over the next three and a half years, Hanging Hills failed to gain a financial foothold in an increasingly competitive market despite building an award winning catalog of beers we were truly proud of. On March 12th, 2020, Hanging Hills Brewing Co turned off the lights to 150 Ledyard St in Hartford one last time.

Except, not exactly. The more I (Joe Ploof) sat with it, the less likely it was that I could walk away from the only job I’ve ever loved because of a silly little thing like running out of money in the middle of a pandemic. With that in mind, I talked it over with my family and determined that I could turn Hanging Hills into a gypsy brewery while working on opening a new facility.

Exactly one year later, Hanging Hills is alive and well because enough people continued buying and talking about our beers. That’s it. The facility and tasting room are closed but the entire family of flagship and inspired one off beers are all brewed at East Rock Brewing’s award winning facilities. These are beers we love brewed on our terms. And those terms are simple: brew excellent beers for people who love them. Joy in, joy out.

The next few steps in the Hanging Hills journey is a rededication to the people who believed in the company. That’s it. On our own terms, together.

“Tramps like us and we like tramps.”
-The Hold Steady

-Joe, February 2021